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17 Miracles 2011

17 Miracles

Something Extraordinary Is About To Happen
HD 5.6 113 min
As part of the Willie Handcart Company, Levi Savage (Jasen Wade) feared that leaving late in the season would lead to despair and death. What he came to find out is that for every tragedy, there is a multitude of miracles. Based on unbelievable actual events, and brought to you by filmmaker T.C. Christensen (Praise to the Man, The Work and the Glory), 17 Miracles will open your eyes to the stories of the Mormon Pioneers as you have never seen them before. Something extraordinary is about to happen.
Release: 2011-06-03
Original Title: 17 Miracles
Language: EN
Director: T.C. Christensen


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17 Miracles

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