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A Midsummer's Hawaiian Dream 2016

A Midsummer's Hawaiian Dream

HD 7 84 min
Attorney Tanya McQueen has hired a team of anthropologists to find an ancient artifact which, if found, would halt development of Nick Button's shopping mall in the sacred Hemolele Forest on Kaua'i. The team is led by the experienced duo of Helen and Demetri, joined by grad students Zander and Hermione. The team is seen by Omaka, a native Hawaiian kahuna, and his mischievous aide, Puka. Sensing Helen's yearning for passion from Demetri, Puka doses the man with the nectar of a special flower from the forest -- but he has dosed Zander instead, triggering confusion and hilarity. When Puka tries to make amends by dosing Demetri too, and later Tanya as well, the results are surprising and wonderfully zany. Love wins the day.
Genre: Romance, Comedy,
Release: 2016-01-01
Original Title: A Midsummer's Hawaiian Dream
Language: EN
Director: Harry Cason


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