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A Sweet Scent of Death 1999

A Sweet Scent of Death

HD 6.8 90 min
Early morning in the oat fields of Carranco, Ramón runs into the dead body of his secret teenage love Adela. After he covers her naked body with his shirt, the gossip in town is that Ramón's girlfriend is been found murdered. Meanwhile, the Gitano (the gypsy) has left Carranco after a night of love and sex with Gabriela, suddenly interrupted by a flash light of an unknown bearer. That night at the local bar, where Justino, the town sheriff and other regular costumers discuss what should be done, La Amistad, pointing his flashlight to them shouts "el gitano murdered the girl". Marcelino, a bitter old man pushes Ramón to avenge his "girlfriend"'s murder. Now Ramón will have to prove to the people in his town that he's now a man or leave the town in shame.
Country: Argentina, Spain, Mexico,
Genre: Drama,
Release: 1999-12-13
Original Title: Un Dulce Olor a Muerte
Language: EN
Director: Gabriel Retes


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