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Absolute Zero 2005

Absolute Zero

A sudden 90 degree shift in Earth's magnetic pole plunges the equator into the deepest freeze possible - absolute zero. Florida has four hours before becoming an arctic tundra.
HD 5.7 86 min
INTER SCI climatologist Dr. David Kotzman has evidence that a shift in the Earth's polarity triggered the last Ice Age...in a single day. Now, it's happening again, and there's no time to escape. As the temperature plummets, Miami is blasted with snow and ice. Evacuation routes are jammed. The only chance David, his old flame Bryn, and a few other hopeful survivors have is to hole themselves up in a special chamber at INTER SCI. A desperate race for survival is ignited as nature's fury rages and the temperature plunges toward -459.67° F...ABSOLUTE ZERO!
Country: Canada,
Release: 2005-07-19
Original Title: Absolute Zero
Language: EN
Director: Robert Lee


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