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And the Mud Ship Sails Away... 2013

And the Mud Ship Sails Away...

This is the world's rubbish heap
HD 4.2 88 min
Takashi is country hipster, work avoiding, not-so-smart life expert in vague rural-urban area in the north from Tokyo. He lives together with his grandmother and laughs at his friend who goes to real work - shoveling cow manure. On one day, a young woman arrives to the area and claims to be Takashi's half-sister from this' father's escapade. And she is the kind you can't get easily rid off...
Country: Japan,
Genre: Drama, Comedy,
Release: 2013-10-23
Original Title: Soshite dorobune wa yuku
Language: EN


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And The Mud Ship Sails Away

2013 88 min Movie