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Domestic Import 2006

Domestic Import

HD 4 102 min
Well-intentioned Marsha and David hire a foreign housekeeper, Sophia, to care for their new baby and put some 'sanity' back in their lives. What follows is a situation that spirals out of control. In a frenzy to find an American husband before her visa expires, Sophia manipulates poor Marsha and David into caring for her ten-year-old daughter while she goes on a dating marathon. Pretty soon, who is employing whom, becomes the question. Also thrown into the mix are Marsha's hypochondriac father, Sophia's eccentric Mama and cousin Sasha from the Moscow circus.
Genre: Comedy,
Release: 2006-12-12
Original Title: Domestic Import
Language: EN
Director: Kevin Connor


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Domestic Import

2006 102 min Movie