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Highway 318 2019

Highway 318

HD 0 96 min
More than 5,000 kilometres long, highway 318 connects China with Tibet and is one of the world's most picturesque routes. It is where Xiaojia, who is Chinese, meets Suona from Tibet one day. Each of them set off on a long journey for a different reason, but they have one thing in common: they both believe it will help them atone for mistakes from the past. Dealing with loneliness, fears and qualms of conscience, they want to find solace. Their tough journey together across endless valleys and snowy mountains will bring them closer to each other, becoming a deep inner journey and a meditation on life. Harsh, mysterious and breath-taking, highway 318 can become a road to redemption.
Country: China,
Genre: Drama,
Release: 2019-03-18
Original Title: 318号公路
Language: ZH
Director: Yunxing Nie
Cast: Xin Yue, De Ji


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