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Love Education 2017

Love Education

HD 7.3 120 min
A mother intends to relocate Grandpa’s grave from the countryside to the city, where he could be re-buried with Grandma. However, her decision sparks a conflict with Nana, Grandpa’s first wife. Nana is childless, and all she has is her husband’s grave. As a result, she fights flat out to stop Mother moving the grave. At first, Weiwei, caught between her mother and Nana, is turning the fight over the grave into a story on television, but after having spent time with Nana, she learns a new understanding of life. In the end, these three women of different generations, each facing her own problems in her love life, follow their hearts and make their decisions, which result in an unexpected ending to the incident.
Country: China, Taiwan,
Genre: Drama,
Release: 2017-10-27
Original Title: 相爱相亲
Language: ZH
Director: Sylvia Chang


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Love Education

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