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Nada+ 2001


HD 6.1 90 min
Carla, a young postal worker in Havana, spends her days postmarking thousands of letters and dreaming of the day when she can be reunited with her parents, who moved to Miami when she was fifteen. To fulfill her longing for intimacy, she opens random letters and rewrites them into lyrical prose, believing she is helping her fellow Cubans understand one another better. Beautifully filmed in black and white accented by brilliant colours, Nada+ has a stunning visual composition. With its delightful mix of visual humour, theatrical characters, bureaucratic satire and a lighthearted love story, it has a distinctly Cuban flair.
Country: Cuba, France, Italy, Spain,
Genre: Drama, Romance,
Release: 2001-03-15
Original Title: Nada+
Language: ES
Tags: , ,


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