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Pledge Night 1990

Pledge Night

Brothers to the end. The very end.
HD 4.2 80 min
In order to become a member of a fraternity, the applicants have to go through initiation rituals to show their loyalty. Way back in the 1960s, someone played a nasty trick on the student Sidney Scheider: He had to take a bath in a tub filled with cornflakes and coffee grounds, vinegar and even more disgusting substances. Nothing unusual so far but someone had replaced the water with pure acid. Sidney was seriously wounded and died a horrible death. This year Acid Sid returns with a vengeance, killing everyone who comes his way. One by one is slaughtered and in the college hell breaks loose.
Genre: Comedy, Horror,
Release: 1990-12-07
Original Title: Pledge Night
Language: EN
Director: Paul Ziller


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Pledge Night

1990 80 min Movie