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The Squaw Man 1931

The Squaw Man

HD 6 107 min
Jim Wyngate, an English aristocrat, comes to the American West under a cloud of suspicion for embezzlement actually committed by his cousin Lord Henry. In Wyoming, Wyngate runs afoul of cattle rustler Cash Hawkins by rescuing the Indian girl Naturich from Hawkins. Wyngate marries Naturich, but then learns that his cousin Lord Henry has been killed and has cleared his name before dying. As Wyngate has long loved Lady Diana, Lord Henry's wife, he is perplexed at his situation. But fate takes a hand and resolves matters as Wyngate could not have predicted.
Genre: Drama, Western,
Release: 1931-09-04
Original Title: The Squaw Man
Language: EN
Director: Cecil B. DeMille


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The Squaw Man

1931 107 min Movie